Audio / Visual

Offer a wide range of interactive white board innovation to latest technological requirements of the modern world, Large and small touch interactive LCD screens, Interactive smart white boards, overlays, interactive software, Large LED display screens for advertisements, Interactive video wall solutions Etc.

Smart white Boards / Touch Sensitive interactive LCD screens are a special type of interactive touch-sensitive screens that can be used to collaborate and communicate with students in the classroom, with faculty or staff in conference rooms, with colleagues over the Internet, or just about anywhere that has electricity and an outlet to plug in a Smart Board or Smart LCD screens. This also comes with collaborative and interactive software solutions
Whether your requirement is for a small meeting room, major boardroom, crisis room, suite of meeting rooms or a blend, we can design and install audio visual systems, often integrating video conferencing, to suit your needs and your business.

Our customers often comment that it is Carillion’s attitude that differentiates us from other AV providers. We actively promote a company culture that is highly responsive and genuinely concerned to ensure that customers get the best solution for their needs irrespective of its value to Carillion. This is one of the reasons many of our clients have remained loyal for many years.

Whether you are looking to design a fully integrated conference room system with projection screen and advanced IT control or a basic system for a small meeting room we have range of solutions to suit your requirements
In a conference room, you need technology that is cost effective and also meets the same aesthetic standards as the rest of the interior design. Soutt designs systems to adapt to the ever-changing technologies and needs of customers.

Soutt focuses on providing excellent service and support while maintaining cost effective solutions to your technology needs. From the initial customer contact through the final completion of a project, we work collaboratively with our clients to achieve a successful installation.

We provide:
  • Customer Needs Analysis
  • System Design and Engineering
  • System Installation
  • Project Management
  • Training
  • Post Installation Service & Support
  • Let our AV team take care of your conference room or event space.
  • High-quality audio and video
  • Simplicity
  • High reliability
  • Environmental excellence
  • Enhanced sense of attendee presence
  • Multiple attendees from multiple locations
Our expertise covers all aspects of Public Address, Background Music and Voice Evacuation Systems. We are able to provide a wide range of applications and capabilities, from basic to the most complex systems. Each system is designed to provide optimum performance and reliability, whatever its surroundings. With the emphasis on Public Address Systems moving ever more into public safety our systems provide a complete audio communication package, capable of meeting all necessary standards.
Digital signage offers electronic display of information in order to advertise and promote specific products and services for businesses and corporations. Advertising using digital signage is a form of out-of-home advertising in which content and messages are displayed on digital signs with a common goal of delivering targeted messages to specific locations at specific times.

This is often called ""digital out of home"" or abbreviated as DOOH. The benefits of digital signage over static signs, in situations where changing signs are preferred over static signs, are that the content can be exchanged more easily, animations can be shown, and the signs can adapt to the context and audience, even interactively.

Digital signage can offer superior return on investment compared to temporary and/or promotional signs made from other substrates. Your company can benefit from this technology and some of the most common applications of digital signage are noted below:
  • Public information – news, weather and local (location specific) information, such as fire exits and traveler information.
  • Internal information - corporate messages, health & safety, news, etc.
  • Advertising – either related to the location the signage is in or just using the audience reach of the screens for general advertising.
  • Brand building – in-store digital signage to promote the brand and build a brand identity.
  • Influencing customer behavior – directing customers to different areas, increasing the dwell time on the store premises.
  • Enhancing customer experience – applications include the reduction of perceived wait time in restaurant waiting areas, bank queues, etc.
BIT specialized in
  • Interactive Touch screen Kiosks and Interactive Application Development
  • Digital Way-finder Solutions
  • Indoor/Outdoor LCD Digital Posters
  • Outdoor and Indoor LED Displays
  • Mobile LED Displays
  • LED display Rentals and Lease Plan
  • Customized LED Products-LED Mupi, LED digital Posters etc
  • Indoor Static and Scrolling Signs
  • Indoor Acrylic Signs
  • Outdoor Static Signs and Light boxes
  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Video Walls
  • Interactive Way Finder
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • CxO Boards
  • Corporate Communications
  • Banking
  • Education
  • Healthcare

Don’t make your customers wait

Decrease customer wait times, improve your service efficiency, and increase your revenues with Wavetec’s enterprise queue management solutions.

Provision for multi-branch queuing system.
Manage multiple branches from a central location using a web based administration interface.
Touch screen kiosk for ticket issuing with Emirates National ID reader.
Call token numbers(Play sound in Arabic and English).
Large LCD Queues status and advertisement display.
Counter display for currently serving ticket number.
System usage and performance dashboard and reports from the centralized web module.
Supports integration with external systems.
Secure with user credentials and privileges.
Mobile Edition(IOS,Android,HTML5)
Virtual Ticket
Nearest Location
BIT engineers are experts in the installation and maintenance of commercial systems. We have many years of experience planning and installing MATV and SMATV projects, which enable you to provide a high quality TV and radio service throughout a residential building or commercial complex. We will carefully design your MATV or SMATV installation to suit your building, meaning you can be confident of great reception and no interference between various television units
Otswold Communications can provide a high quality IPTV system to suit your requirements

Markets: Hospitality, Leisure, Hotels, Corporate, Finance, Education, Healthcare, Media & Broadcast

With all skills in house we can offer the full end to end solution, or anything in-between.

Multi Satellite and TV antenna installation and distribution, fibre optic or coax
Full IPTV system, on PC, on TV or on demand.
Digital signage solutions, within the IPTV system or separate solutions
Broadcast quality equipment installation, cabling and commissioning
Local area network, installation, support and commissioning
IPTV system commission, support and maintenance.
TV screens supply and installations
Projectors, Screens, Creston automation

We offer a wide range of digital television and radio channels The IPTV system supports the acquisition of encrypted and free-to-air digital channels and analogue feeds.

Our IPTV solutions provide the following benefits:

  • IPTV Provides TV content over an existing local area network.
  • Standard Definition and High Definition Channel Options.
  • Custom Portal themes, home page designed in company logos and colours.
  • Live Pause, rewind, forward wind.
  • Personal Video recorded, network PVR or Local Storage.
  • 7 day EPG (electronic program guide) with series record.
  • Language options, Channel groups.
  • View Bill. express check out, quest services.
  • Information pages, weather information, travel information.
  • True digital broadcast quality live TV.
  • TV delivered direct to a PC desktop.
  • Set Top Box decoder located at TV screen.
  • Access to stored video and audio content to provide training and business messages.
  • Control as to who can watch what when.
  • Attach a TV anywhere on network via set top box.
  • Management information on what channels are being watched on each TV/PC screen.
  • Full digital TV line-up including freeview and de-coded service.
  • Full Video on demand play out facilities.
  • PMS Hotel management system integration.